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Alwar is nestled picturesquely amongst the hills of Aravalli Ranges.  It was one of the Rajput principalities and closest to imperial Delhi. Alwar had a turbulent history on account of its strategic location close to both Jaipur and Delhi. In 1775 AD, Rao Pratap Singh acquired the Alwar fort and founded the State of Alwar. Alwar city, the capital of former Alwar State was guarded by ramparts and moats on all sides, except on the hillside.

There were five gates opening into the city. The area occupied formerly by Lal Darwaza and its Ghumbaj now forms the main market, with circular shops around Kailash Burj, popularly known as Hope Circus. The former kingdom of Alwar boasts of palaces, pavilions and temples, historic and prehistoric sites of great interest to both historians and archeologists. It also has a natural heritage of beautiful lakes and scenic valleys, deeply wooded forests in some parts. Some of the finest variety of birds and animals can be seen here. One of the finest wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan –Sariska Tiger Reserve, is in Alwar.

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